050820 Salt shaken 2/2 by Glenn Cardwell

When I tell people that the most dangerous food additive they are likely to eat is salt they get really disappointed because they expect me to say an artificial sweetener or flavour, neither of which probably has any effect on their health. Salt is off the radar; no-one cares about salt.

290720 Salt shaken by Glenn Cardwell 1/2

Think of salt and health and the first, and possibly only, association you can make is to link salt and high blood pressure. That's understandable as anyone with hypertension is told cut out salt and choose salt-reduced foods. Having high blood pressure also increases the chance of having a stroke.

250320 Breathing considerations while exercising

250320 Breathing considerations while exercising In most instances your body is automatically going to be breathing at the right time, however there are times, particularly when resistance training, that this does not take place. Some advanced athletes hold their breath for 3 to 5 repetitions while lifting weights. If you do not have high blood … Continue reading 250320 Breathing considerations while exercising