040320 The bridge

The Bridges are often times called ‘planks’. In the gym, we call them ‘360’s’ because we go from each side, to the prone, to the supine positions. In other words, we go full circle. This hits the center section of the body, what the magazines are jumping on and calling the ‘core’.

050210 Exercising with arthritis

Exercising with arthritis may seem like it’s an oxymoron statement but it’s not. One of the ways to manage arthritis is by being active. The key to staying active is to exercise but first you have to identify and then use an appropriate level of stress during these sessions. Resistance training is often used to … Continue reading 050210 Exercising with arthritis

181219 Senior fitness books

Since I have been training others for a long time now, I thought it only proper that this book should be accessible to other ActivelyFitSeniors. While there are others on the Amazon site, this one is particulary suited to our generation as it deals specifically with improving your strength. The others are available on Amazon. … Continue reading 181219 Senior fitness books

180919 The pendulum rotator cuff exercise

180919 The pendulum rotator cuff exercise https://videopress.com/v/ft4hyFmk The pendulum shoulder exercise The four rotator cuff muscles are part of a complex group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint. These four muscles include the Supraspinatus muscle, the Infraspinatus muscle, Teres minor muscle, and the Subscapularis muscle, sometimes referred to as the SITS muscles, … Continue reading 180919 The pendulum rotator cuff exercise


Female Bodyweight Deep Squat

https://vimeo.com/349550584 Bodyweight deep squat Listen to the explanation of how to do this great overall body exercise. You will rarely see a deep squat like this on any of the other media, mostly because the trainees don't know what a full squat is or even what one looks like. They have all been been told … Continue reading Female Bodyweight Deep Squat

170719 Grandchildren and exercise part 1 of 2

170719 Grandchildren and exercise part 1 of 2 When I was a child we walked up hill both ways to school, toiled in the fields until dark and then carried candles so we could see what we were doing out there…Yeah you bet that’s how I grew up. I did do my share of pitching … Continue reading 170719 Grandchildren and exercise part 1 of 2