151120 The dynamic warmup sequence-Video

141120 The dynamic warm up sequence-Video https://videopress.com/v/E3MudPFJ?preloadContent=metadata Or go here to see it on Vimeo (if it does not run as is): https://vimeo.com/472309056 Dynamic warmups prepare the body in a manner that is conducive to preventing injury. Functional movements that mimic the actual playing conditions of power output in the gym, on the field or … Continue reading 151120 The dynamic warmup sequence-Video

181219 Senior fitness books

Since I have been training others for a long time now, I thought it only proper that this book should be accessible to other ActivelyFitSeniors. While there are others on the Amazon site, this one is particulary suited to our generation as it deals specifically with improving your strength. The others are available on Amazon. … Continue reading 181219 Senior fitness books

140819 Maintaining range of motion

140819 Maintaining range of motion Strength training and stretching go hand in hand towards increasingly better fitness levels. A loss of flexibility brings with it a loss of functionality in daily living activities as well as in the weight room. Stretching is not meant to hurt-unless you are in the active stages of recovering from … Continue reading 140819 Maintaining range of motion

030419 Adult exercise guidelines

030419 Adult exercise guidelines Inactivity diminishes a person’s ability to lead a healthy productive life and living a long time doesn’t mean much if you aren’t able to enjoy it. Avoiding the sedentary lifestyle is easier than it may appear. Simply get moving. You don’t have to be an elite world class athlete to reap … Continue reading 030419 Adult exercise guidelines