181220 Tips for making your training safe

When first beginning your strength training program, be on the conservative side with the weights you use and temper your aggressiveness in your approach the first few sessions. At least do so until you are somewhat accustomed to exercising on a regular basis. The penalty for not heeding this advice is extreme soreness known as delayed on set muscle soreness (DOMS). For now, here are a few caveats before you begin your training.

061220 Dumbbell supported rows

https://videopress.com/v/WQG8ZGjc?preloadContent=metadata Dumbbell supported rows Start with a dumbbell in one hand, rest the opposite hand and knee on the bench, lower the dumbbell toward the floor until your arm is fully extended. Pull then weight back up until it touches your chest. Follow the illustrations and maintain your balance on the bench. Pull the weight … Continue reading 061220 Dumbbell supported rows

291120 The prayer stretch

The prayer stretch is a very comfortable move and one that gives a good stretch in the lower back and upper torso. Go easy on these and just enjoy the relaxed feeling they provide. Here are a few from the floor to the bench. None of these stretches are fast moves. Just gradually settle into them and feel the stretch on your shoulders and upper back.

221120 Dumbbell floor press

This is an excellent exercise, especially if you are lifting by yourself. The reason being, if you cannot get the weight up then gently lower it back to the floor and down by your side without having to let it collapse on top of you. Of course, it is a different matter completely if you are using a barbell. You must have a spotter for obvious safety reasons. Furthermore, it is generally better to have a spotter anytime you are lifting anything over your head.

131120 Get stronger and more physically fit with the basics of exercise and nutrition

The old-time strength athletes didn’t have all the gizmos, scientific research, or supplements of our time. What they did have was a powerful and undying work ethic, the desire to become the strongest possible, and the perseverance to never give up.

130920 Standing dumbbell hammer curl

130920 Standing dumbbell hammer curl Standing dumbbell hammer curls Begin by holding a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing each other and arms straight. Curl the weight up to your shoulder while keeping your elbow held securely by your side without movement forward, backward or outward. Lower back down under control for one repetition.

181219 Senior fitness books

Since I have been training others for a long time now, I thought it only proper that this book should be accessible to other ActivelyFitSeniors. While there are others on the Amazon site, this one is particulary suited to our generation as it deals specifically with improving your strength. The others are available on Amazon. … Continue reading 181219 Senior fitness books

111019 Strength training for the ActivelyFitSeniors

111019 Strength training for the ActivelyFitSeniors Resistance training is known to be highly beneficial and it is recommended activity. Before you begin discuss your plans with your health care professional, there may be certain exercises that could cause damage to your joints especially your back. Once this topic has been thoroughly explored and you get … Continue reading 111019 Strength training for the ActivelyFitSeniors

190519 Starting a weight training program

190519 Starting a weight training program Often times a person thinks long and hard before beginning a fitness or strength program. Along the way these questions invariably arise: How do I start? Where do I begin? What do I do? What exercises should I be doing? How do I do them? Women generally ask how … Continue reading 190519 Starting a weight training program