020819 Introduction to fitness

020819 Introduction to fitness This portion of ActivelyFitSeniors exposes you to the different concepts of fitness and then swiftly moves into guiding you in setting up your own fitness program. Now, it will be immediately apparent that if you are exercising, you will get tired and sore. Therefore, a discussion follows concerning the causes of … Continue reading 020819 Introduction to fitness

210719 Body weight squats-video

210719 Body weight squats-video https://videopress.com/v/EpGX6IbL Stand with your feet approximately shoulder width apart, arms at your side. If you lack the balance to do a squat in this manner, then hold your hands out to the front of your body or stand by a solid handhold to steady yourself. Move your hips backward and your … Continue reading 210719 Body weight squats-video

170719 Grandchildren and exercise part 1 of 2

170719 Grandchildren and exercise part 1 of 2 When I was a child we walked up hill both ways to school, toiled in the fields until dark and then carried candles so we could see what we were doing out there…Yeah you bet that’s how I grew up. I did do my share of pitching … Continue reading 170719 Grandchildren and exercise part 1 of 2