020619 Introduction to flexibility

020619 Introduction to flexibility

Flexibility means being able to move the major joints of your body, such as your shoulders, arms, back, legs, and ankles in an easy fluid manner. This ability of the joints to easily move within their normal range of motion allows you to put on your socks in the morning without unduly stressing your low back and hamstrings. It also makes it easier for you put on a coat or your shoes. If you stretch, once or twice a day for three to five minutes, you will, in very short order, begin to notice the ease with which many of your daily tasks are accomplished.

A Daily Stretch

Stretching increases the range of motion (ROM) around the joints (flexibility is the ability of the joints to move through their full range of motion)

Do you feel stiff and sore in the morning or after getting up from a chair or from your desk? Then a regular stretching program is the thing for you. It does not have to be a complicated, long program. A few easy stretches every day can get start the day, energize you up in the afternoon, and provide a relaxing end to the day before you go to bed.

You can always find time to stretch in your day. It doesn’t take much time or any particular style of clothing. A good rule to follow is if it’s stiff, stretch it but only to a point of mild discomfort, never to pain and don’t bounce as it engages the stretch reflex which automatically tightens up the muscles you are trying to relax!

030419 Adult exercise guidelines

030419 Adult exercise guidelines

Inactivity diminishes a person’s ability to lead a healthy productive life and living a long time doesn’t mean much if you aren’t able to enjoy it. Avoiding the sedentary lifestyle is easier than it may appear. Simply get moving.

You don’t have to be an elite world class athlete to reap the benefits of being healthy. As the saying goes, any amount of activity is better than none, but in my humble opinion, not much better.

Nonetheless doing at least 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity exercise will lead to substantial improvements in your health. Healthful results accrue by doing 75 minutes of higher intensity exercise such as strength training in the 80-100% of your one rep max or with aerobics keeping your heart rate within the 75-80 target heart rate (THR) range.