290722 Adaptation of bone to exercise part six of six

Exercise suggestions

Bone is connective tissue. When stressed it deforms under the load. Osteoblasts-bone growth cells- migrate to the surface of the bone to counteract the strain caused by this external weight. Because of this activity, bones grow stronger due to the bending, compressive, and torsional loads and the muscular contractions at the tendinous insertion points.

Before engaging in any new exercise program consult with your primary health care provider.

Increase lean body mass add strength and power

  • Full body resistance training program on a schedule of at least two times per week, with three times to optimize the results.
  • Utilize correct exercise technique at all times
  • Three sets of ten to twelve repetitions each exercise unless otherwise noted.
  • Work to rest ratio is 1:2, meaning if you work out for ten seconds you then rest for twenty seconds.
  • If you are able to add weight after completing the series three times, then do so the next session.
  • If you have added weight, then do only ten repetitions and work up to twelve.

The suggested schedule

  1. Warm up for 5-8 minutes
  2. Squats
  3. Calf raises
  4. Dead lifts
  5. Military presses
  6. Shoulder shrugs
  7. Abdominal work-15-20 reps for two sets
  8. Bench presses
  9. Bar bell rows
  10. Barbell curls
  11. Triceps extensions
  12. Abdominal work again to end the session-15-20 reps for two sets

As mentioned in the last posting, use free weights if at all possible and according to your own physical abilities.

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