090619 The T-Bar rows

T-Bar rows

Cliff doing a quick set of T-Bar rows

Put the end of an empty barbell into a 90° corner of your power rack, corner of your exercise room, the attachment built into your rack or as in this case an individual T Bar row apparatus.

If you are using the corners of your rack, room or other set up you have to continually pull the bar not only up to your chest but also back into the 90° space you’ve selected to place the bar when doing these exercises. Some people put a heavy dumbbell over this loose end to help keep it in place.

Once you have the bar where you want it, then load the opposite end with weight. Use the smaller 25s so you get more range of motion (ROM). The 45s are too big and will touch your chest before reaching your full ROM.

Flex the hips and move your buttocks back until your upper torso is at about a 45°angle to the floor with both arms fully extended. If you want a more direct hit on the upper back, then lie prone on a high bench and use a camber bar.

Here is an example of a camber bar from Ader Sporting Goods. I don’t know the country of origin.

These bars have a six to ten inch camber or arch right in the middle of the bar. Using one of these will allow you to lay prone on a flat bench and lift the barbell up under the bench.

Doing a prone row on a bench with a camber barbell makes it almost impossible to cheat the bar up. It eliminates virtually ALL body English during the exercise. It may also help prevent a back injury because of the stabilizing effect of the bench.

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